Southeastern Jewelers offers an in store appraisal service. There is no minimum or maximum limit on the amount of items. However, we do ask that you leave the items with us at the store for the items to be appraised due to the fact that it is a time consuming job. The cost of appraisals starts at a minimum of $50.00 and increases in price depending on the amount of items due to the fact that the price is completely based on how much time it takes for each piece to be appraised. All appraisals include (2) copies one for your records and one to provide to your insurance company. There is no charge for an appraisal on any item purchased from Southeastern Jewelers.

Jewelry Repair

Southeastern Jewelers offers on-site jewelry repair on gold, platinum, silver, and some costume jewelry. All repairs take no longer than a week in most cases. However, if special parts are required the repair could take longer.

Watch Repair

Southeastern Jewelers offers watch repair and restoration. We do not have a watchmaker on-site. Watches are the only thing we do not handle in the store. We will send your watch to our watchmaker who will assess the problem and needed repairs. We will then call you with the estimated cost of the repair and you will have the opportunity to proceed with the repair of have the watch sent back. There is a $20 service charge for watch repair estimates simply to cover the cost of postage. However, should you choose to proceed with the repair the $20 charge will be waived. All watch repairs take a minimum of 3 weeks but we will call you as soon as we receive your watch.

Jewelry Design

Southeastern Jewelers can create one of a kind piece jewelry based on a design you bring to us. Also, Mike Steed, Co-Owner and Jeweler is always happy to sit down with you and create a brand new piece of jewelry or update or restore an item you may already have.

Loose Diamonds

Southeastern Jewelers has a large variety of loose diamonds in an extensive range of cuts, color, clarity, and cost. If we do not have a specific stone in stock we will gladly call our suppliers and have the diamond here in no longer than 3 business days. Anytime you purchase a diamond at Southeastern Jewelers you are eligible for our “trade-up” policy. Any loose diamond purchased here can always be traded back in at a later date for a larger diamond. You will be credited the original sale price (excluding tax) toward a new purchase of a larger loose diamond.